About US

idInfo Corporation

idInfo Corporation is blockchain solution bringing laser-focus precision to identity and credential verification, eliminating ambiguity regarding any individual’s identity while improving the security of personal data stored on idInfo Corporation's platform.

Strategic partnerships with a variety of data sources means idInfo uses reliable data from trusted organizations to verify identity and background. idInfo Corporation takes the guesswork out of authenticating a person’s identity and credentials, using reliable third-party data secured on a decentralized blockchain platform.

Meet the Team

Aryeh Lemberger is an engineer and blockchain consultant who has worked closely with several ICOs and blockchain projects to perform business development and public relations functions. Aryeh can be reached at aryeh@idnfo.com.

Rajavelu Dharmaraj is an entrepreneur and emerging technologies expert with experience in blockchain, healthcare, M&A, software design, server management, and business process outsourcing. Raj can be reached at raj@idnfo.com.

Morty Lempel is a lifelong entrepreneur and business development professional with experience in investment banking, corporate finance, and investor relations in a variety of industries including healthcare, marketing, and blockchain. Morty can be reached at morty@idnfo.com