Be positively certain

Verifying educational attainment and work history credentials has never been easier

idInfo Corporation's blockchain platform is a superior data storage solution that improves security and eliminates the burden of server maintenance associated with the conventional centralized methods.

Employers, lenders, or anyone who wants to verify an individual's education or work history can leverage idInfo Corporation's blockchain password to quickly and easily confirm the veracity of that information against primary source records

• Data source partners retain ownership of their data stored on idInfo Corporation's blockchain and are entitled to a share of the revenue generated from identity and credential verification activities

The Blockchain Advantage

Goodbye centralized servers, hello distributed ledgers.

• Improved security:

Distributed ledger technology is inherently more secure than a centralized server. Because a copy of the ledger exists across many computers, attackers cannot manipulate the data stored on the blockchain by compromising a single node. The odds of compromising every node on the blockchain are extremely improbably, if not virtually impossible.

• Reduced maintenance:

Maintaining a centralized server isn't cheap. Besides the initial cost, organizations need facilities in which to house the server, energy around the clock to keep the server running, and regular maintenance to ensure it continues to properly function. idInfo Corporation's Blockchain-as-a-Service model simplifies data storage and reduces expenses.

• Data redundancy:

The nature of blockchain as a distributed ledger means many complete versions of the dataset exist across many nodes. No records will ever be lost and an interruption of one node would no effect the entire blockchain, meaning organizations will always have access to their data no matter what.

• Revenue sharing

By storing data on idInfo Corporation's blockchain, organizations are lending their data to a global identity and credential verification service. As a critical strategic partner, data sources will be rewarded with a share of revenue every time their data is queried. No longer is data storage simply an expense, it's a new revenue stream.